The Island

The Island

Our development on Isla de Culebra over the last two and half years has given us an intimate look at everything from the pelagic waters to the lush flora of this unique and quiet island chain. This peaceful tropical island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico is located in some of the clearest waters of the Caribbean. Our white sandy beaches are rated amongst the best in the world. Our underwater world is second to none with some of the finest diving and fishing foundanywhere on the planet. Our relationships on island, infrastructure, and logistics has led us to create an exclusive experience in all of these environments, giving you a truly private look at the last of the Spanish Virgin Islands.

Isla De Culebra

Location: 18.3184° N, 65.3095° W

Villa Pelicano is a 3 acre property inside the calm waters of Ensenada
Honda. The 3 acre property is already operational and comes equipped with 150 feet of long dock. The existing footprint utilizes one acre, with two acres ready for development. The lodge will continue to sleep 12-16 guests after a quick aesthetic upgrade. This island is easy to reach with our flights running until 9pm.


Full day and half day excursions in the following disciplines:


– Fly fishing for tarpon, permit and snook.
– Conventional and offshore fishing for wahoo, mahi, tuna, and billfish.


-Introduction to diving and shallow water excursions. Half day.
-Reef, reck and outer water dives with dive certification. Full day.


-Half day and full day touring can be set up, fully customizable with the other experiences we offer.
– From breakfast on the beaches, wine tastings on private islands, wildlife tours, snorkeling, and 4×4 trail riding.

Filling your day is truly limitless. Dive, fish, tour.