Discover your own

island life...

and share your experiences in a fellowship of like minded friends and family. Slow down and enjoy the truly good things in this vast and beautiful planet, created for our experience. Make real connections with man and nature, the way God intended.

The Island

Our development on Isla de Culebra over the last two and half years has given us an intimate look at everything from the pelagic waters to the lush flora of this unique and quiet island chain. This peaceful tropical island off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico is located in some of the clearest waters of the Caribbean. Our white sandy beaches are rated amongst the best in the world. Our underwater world is second to none with some of the finest diving and fishing foundanywhere on the planet. Our relationships on island, infrastructure, and logistics has led us to create an exclusive experience in all of these environments, giving you a truly private look at the last of the Spanish Virgin Islands.

The Farm

Partaking in the bounty of the land, from your farm to your table, conjures images of sun-kissed produce plucked at the peak of ripeness, eggs as warm as the sun from the nesting grounds outside your door and the buzz of bees, whose nectar yields the honey that sweetens your morning. All blended with the aroma of coffee beans, grown on the verdant hills overlooking the sanctuary in which you sleep. Come find fellowship in food sharing and in the local festivities that surround you on The Farm.
The City

Old San Juan

The lodge in historic Old San Juan is a quick ten-minute ride from the San Juan Airport and offers beautiful views of the best fishing waters in the world.
Isla Grande Airport is also nearby for convenient transportation to and from the club plane for every excursion. The location provides opportunities for both adventure and relaxation, with rich culture, beautiful landmarks, exquisite dining experiences, and the best coffee around. Like wine? Enjoy a wine tasting and catered pairings right on sight or at one of the many holiday celebrations hosted in the heart of the city. Discover why they call Puerto Ricans the Happiest People on Earth!

 Savoring the Finest

As the sun dips below the horizon, indulge in the exclusive, well-aged Don Doroteo cigars, including the 14-year-aged ‘El Legado’ and the ‘Salt of the Earth’ blends, made from seven different types of tobacco aged for seven years. Pair these exquisite cigars with the finest Dominican rums and Mama Juana. Savor the flavors of Dominican cuisine, including the mouth watering, slow-cooked ‘pernil’ – all under the guidance of Aaron Fernandez, one of the fourth-generation leaders of the Don Doroteo family, ensuring a legacy of quality that spans over a century.



Wine is life changing. It’s a gateway to connect with others. Wine is an emotion that lingers on your palate. It’s life inside a bottle. Wine is a way of life! We truly celebrate wine as a tool to gather memories and senses in a glass, therefore we make sure to find wineries that hold true values of winemaking. Wine makers that respect the soil and the vine. Wineries where nature, location and weather patterns create not just good wine, but great wine!


As a club our goal is to remove as much friction as possible for a life well-lived inside of our island chain. All of our transport is custom tailored for the environments that surround them. From the air to the reef, you’ll be on the best!

Discover your own island life...

A key to The Island Club unlocks a rebellious look into every adventure offered in this place we call home. By balancing appreciation and exploration, we create a deeply rooted experience that will remain for generations to come.